Wednesday, Jun 26, 2019
Begin with the church and the kingdom may or may not be recognized. Begin with Jesus and the church becomes an instrument to participate in the kingdom of God by pointing people to reminders that God reigns. The purpose of the church is to give the world a glimpse of the kingdom, to point the world in the direction of the kingdom. In Episode 073 of LeaderCast, we offer a few reminders about the kingdom of God.  Then, we look to the kingdom of God in the New T... continue reading
Friday, Jun 21, 2019
Your grace story is one that continues to unfold, inviting you to become more of who God created you to be. In this episode, we explore our grace stories and the journey toward sanctification. As a leader, your story informs how you lead. How are you making intentional decisions about growing to be more of who God created you to be? While our journeys may start in different places, we all are invited to be at home with God. Explore this idea and the implicati... continue reading
Friday, Jun 21, 2019
On June 8, 526 students graduated from Africa University, including two youth from the Kamina Children's Home, Chantal and Claudia. Most of the students are first-generation college graduates, and 54.6 percent are women. The university has a current full-time enrollment of 1,800 students, a 97 percent graduation rate and more than 9,000 alumni as of June 2019. More than 90 percent of Africa University's graduates have remained on the continent of Africa. Read M... continue reading
Friday, Jun 21, 2019
Etna United Methodist Church will host the African Children's Choir on Tuesday, July 16, at 7:00 pm on their 'Just As I Am' Hymns Tour. The African Children's Choir was created in 1984 in the midst of Uganda's civil war as a way to support orphaned children. Donations raised by the tour have gone to support orphanages, schools, literacy programs, water wells, and other relief and development programs. Etna UMC is located at 500 Pike Street, Etna, OH.
Friday, Jun 21, 2019
It's "moving season" for United Methodist clergy across the United States. If your congregation is welcoming a new pastor this year, take a moment to discover 50 ideas for saying a "healthy" goodbye and providing genuine welcome, thanks to this article from the Lewis Center for Church Leadership. In addition, let's keep in our prayers all clergy, clergy spouses, and clergy children who will be transitioning to new homes, churches, and communities in the coming... continue reading
Friday, Jun 21, 2019
Since the Memorial Day tornadoes that rocked several Ohio communities, 2,167 West Ohio volunteers have reported giving 13,893 hours to help with disaster response efforts across the Conference. This includes Early Response Teams, congregations, youth, and community residents who came to churches and disaster sites to help out. And more help is needed! Efforts are currently underway in Trotwood and Logan County, OH, and the needs in the Dayton area are still bei... continue reading
Wednesday, Jun 12, 2019
What’s your grace story? We all have one. Whether it is decades old or just forming, God’s grace is at work in your life. We started with stories around prevenient grace Episode 070. In Episode 071, we explore stories around justifying grace. Stated simply, justifying grace is the moment God’s grace becomes real to us, inviting us to turn in the direction of God’s love. Tim shares several stories from his life to explore the meaning and purpose of justifying gr... continue reading
Wednesday, Jun 5, 2019
We all have a grace story. Some of our stories are decades old and some of our stories are just forming. In today's episode, we explore our grace stories. Specifically, we help you explore your grace stories as they relate to prevenient grace. Now if you're thinking, "What does the word, prevenient even mean?" You might be in good company! Suffice it to say, prevenient grace is the grace that comes before we're aware of it or recognize our need for it. We share... continue reading
Sunday, Jun 2, 2019
A series of devastating tornadoes and severe storms ripped West Ohio, leaving one dead and more than 200 injured. Gov. Mike DeWine has declared a state of emergency in Greene, Mercer and Montgomery counties. Your contributions to West Ohio Disaster Reponse are desperately needed and greatly appreciated. To donate click here.
Thursday, May 30, 2019
Do you have a gift for organizing people and resources for success? Do you enjoy serving others, supporting others and assisting others in their ministry work? If you answered "yes" to these first two questions, you are exhibiting the spiritual gifts of administration and helping. So far so good. What about your spiritual walk...are you a Christ follower and growing in your faith? And finally, do you speak Spanish? If you answered "yes" to all four questions, w... continue reading