Save the date! West Ohio is giving birth to our 5th new church since launching #plantwestohio last fall. Please join me in celebrating and praying for ENGAGE NEWARK, Dave Warner, and team. Dave has already made over 2000 new contacts thru his non-profit business designed to build relationships and launch a sustainable new worshiping community to ultimately make disciples of Jesus! Dave is receiving a $30,000 MCD grant to help him get started this year. I’m so grateful For Bishop Palmer’s laser focus on growing the kingdom through new ministries and strengthening existing churches. So much time and collaboration goes into these new ministries so I’m thankful for the commitment of West Ohio’s extended cabinet, NCS Assessment Team, the MCD governing board and team, Light the Way team, Greenhouse support team, Think Tanks, Dream Team, Path 1, and our West Ohio staff. #CAS#LightTheWay