Rev. Dr. Timothy L. Bias, Superintendent

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Bias Opinion


 Lead With Love


When you think about leadership, what comes to mind? Trust? Compassion? Stability? Hope? Honestly, when I think of leadership, I think of you.


Over the past several months, you have discovered new ways of leading. Through the effects of theCovid-19 pandemic, you have led people through protocols, live streaming, and Zoom meetings. You have learned to depend more and more upon the strengths and
gifts of the people entrusted to your care. Whether you have liked it or not,
you have done your best to respond with grace and compassion.


Through the causes of the racial pandemic, you have learned more about the situations and circumstances of racist ideas and policies. You have discovered how these ideas and policies are intertwined with the systems and actions of everyday living. As painful as
it is to confront the truth of racism, you have found your voice. You now yearn
to speak up in the places you have been silent. 

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