LeaderCast Episode 181: The Work Behind Play - A Conversation with Amy Burgess

Are you ready for a different angle on rest, relaxation, and play? This week, tune in as we talk to someone whose work it is to facilitate the experiences that most of us participate in for entertainment, relaxation, and fun.

Amy Burgess is a mom, the Rosie Red mascot for the Cincinnati Reds, as well as an Executive Director and Choreographer for CAST, a theater company in the greater Cincinnati area.  

At the heart of our conversation is a Christ-centered leader who is passionate about her work and the privilege of having employment that is filled with joy. 

Whether you’re an avid baseball fan or not, tune in to Episode 181, and explore another side of rest, relaxation, and play. We can almost guarantee you’ll find yourself smiling, laughing, and hitting the "back 15-second" button to hear Amy’s wisdom for a second time.

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