LeaderCast Episode 165: Relationships are Messy AND Needed

Maybe you have heard someone utter the phrase, “the church is great, except for…”

Now, before you fill in the blank…

You already did, didn’t you? ;)

Here’s the phrase that finishes that statement has been uttered in frustration, sarcasm, or a simple statement of current reality: “the church is great, except for the people.” And while you may nod in agreement or scratch your head wondering what kind of church the person who said it is a part of, relationships are messy.

And relationships in the church can be really messy.

Episode 165 with Joe Geary helps you explore the beautiful as well as messy aspects of relationships. Joe invites you to journey with him to explore stories that shape his life and relationships.

We explore how relationships with people who supervise you, your peers, and the people you lead are all essential aspects of relational leadership. Joe reminds us that when the tough moments emerge in leadership, relationships are tested and can deepen. But, he’s also careful to remind us that when a crisis emerges, you’ll want relationships in place.

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