LeaderCast Episode 146: Being Hope

Being hope.

What does hope look like when racial unrest and a pandemic are pushing in on your very way of life?

Instead of hope, it might look more like despair.

In this conversation with Erin Sigmund, a seminary student and Director of Discipleship at One Church in Louisville, Kentucky, shares how her Connectedness talent theme is helping her see the big picture.

Erin candidly shares how her life, faith, and leadership are being shaped during a season of transformation. With humility and curiosity, she models the compassion and self-compassion required to be a white woman seeking to be an ally to her African American brothers and sisters. She confronts the challenges and messiness of being a leader in a multi-ethnic congregation all the while remaining steadfast in God's promise of hope.

Explore with Erin how being open to changing your mind, altering your perspective, and being present to the person God places in your path can bring hope. From walking the streets of Louisville in prayer to joining in protests and confronting a cancel culture, Erin creates a space of hospitality for you.

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