LeaderCast Episode 139: I Choose You

"I choose you."
Before you say, "for what?" let me remind you that as a leader, you have unique talents.
As you lead people to follow Jesus, there are challenges, disagreements, and different opinions that arise. In our conversation today with Brian Harkness, you’ll hear how one pastor is building relationships with the leaders at the church and members of the local community. And while relationships are at the center of ministry, the relationships you'll hear about are transformational.
The question is, in the midst of our humanity, will you choose relationships over your agenda? Will you invite people to follow Jesus, even when it means confronting the brokenness in your midst? Will you recognize the unique talents you have to lead?

If you said yes to any of those questions, here's the good news: God's already chosen you.

As you listen to Brian share his strengths with others, explore how you're choosing to be in relationship with others so that more people experience the transformation of following Jesus.

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