LeaderCast Episode 137: Relational Discipleship with Dave Warner

Relational discipleship.
What does it look like in this season of ministry?
Today, we have a conversation with Dave Warner, Pastor of Engage Newark, and the Director of the Play Cafe in Newark, Ohio. As you listen to Episode 137, you'll hear Dave share how relational discipleship is the center of ministry.
We'll dive into how Dave is leveraging his CliftonStrengths to guide him during this season of ministry.
Blind spots? You've experienced them while driving. But what about ministry?
Yeah, we talk about that, too.
Struggling to innovate?
You're not alone!
You’ll hear about how the team Dave leads is seeking to innovate with discipleship and the challenges that emerge when we find ourselves disappointed with decision-making processes.
Listen to Episode 137 and experience how candor, vulnerability, and faithfulness can guide you as a leader.
Listen to Episode 137 with Dave Warner