LeaderCast Episode 101: The Courage to Take Imperfect Action

Do you experiment? Perhaps it’s with cooking a meal. Or maybe it’s in trying a new workout routine? Or do you stick to what you know and work to get something to perfection before you share it?
While those two questions seem far apart, most of us experiment when it feels safe to do so. Why? There are many reasons. Some of them include wanting to be liked, needing to be in control, long-held examples that it wasn’t ok to be vulnerable. You might take a risk if the gym is empty. Then, you’ll consider a new machine or exercise. Or, if it’s just you and maybe your spouse, you’ll make a meal you’ve never tried before.
When it comes to leadership, many of us take this to the next level, holding back on ideas, information, and resources that could be helpful to others until it’s a “done deal.” All of these examples are examples of the way we seek to protect ourselves from feeling vulnerable.
So, think about it. When was the last time you experimented with something new? When did you try something that you knew you’d stink at?
Let me be the first to encourage you to take a risk this week and take imperfect action.
Read more and listen to how Tim and Sara are inviting you to take imperfect action.