LeaderCast Episode 087: "What Do Skills and Gifts Have to Do with Calling?"

Have you ever faced one of these challenges?
1. You realize you need to improve your self-awareness. But, you’re also human. Like most of us, you overestimate your skills and gifts and underestimate the time it takes to use your skills. If you’ve ever confessed, “I may have thought of myself more highly than I ought,” you’ll find you’re in good company as we walk through this episode.
2. You’re not feeling equipped to live into your calling. Perhaps you’ve taken a spiritual gifts test, but never translated that into living into your vocation or calling
3. Your skills don’t match your calling. In order for alignment to happen between your skills and calling, you need additional education or training.
If one of the above challenges sound familiar, this episode is for you.
Listen to "What Do Skills and Gifts Have to Do with Calling?"