LeaderCast Episode 079: Becoming a Wholehearted Leader

Brawls, Mistakes, and Armor

If you’re thinking, "I’m not planning on getting into any fights today," neither are we. But if you pay attention to the world around you there are often leadership lessons that emerge. Such was the case with a baseball game, a book, and daily life.
So, what do a brawl at a baseball game, denying our mistakes, and armor have to do with leadership?
We’re glad you asked.
In Episode 079 of LeaderCast, Tim and Sara explore how ministry leaders, pastors, and ordinary people can become wholehearted, influential leaders.
When it comes to professional sports, church leadership, and even daily life, most of us have a “go-to” leadership response. And sometimes that response is not kind, loving, let alone Christian. But it can be.
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