LeaderCast Episode 078: Listening to God through Scripture, Prayer, and Community

Are you a leader who listens? In the midst of the chaos and distractions, leaders who listen focus on relationships. In other words, leaders learn to listen by engaging in the ongoing practice of listening.  They listen to God, the church, and the local community.

In this episode, we'll explore listening to God through scripture, prayer and the community. Tim and Sara answer questions like, "Why listen through the scripture? And what are we listening for?"

Through stories and examples, we give you five big ideas that leaders listen for as they engage the scriptures, in prayer, and listening to the community.

By listening to God, to the congregation, and to the community you can and will become a leader who listens.  When you listen, you are better equipped to assist the congregation to live out their faith, to love and serve in the community as well as where they live and work.

There is a great need for leaders who listen.

Listen to Episode 078 today.