LeaderCast Episode 075: Choosing What is Right Over What is Fun, Fast or Easy

Think about the last time you took a road trip and found yourself stuck in traffic on the interstate. How did you respond?
• Did you immediately pull out your phone, open Google Maps or Waze and look for a different route?
• Did you see if there was a way to sneak around on the shoulder to the nearest exit to find a route around the stopped traffic?
• Were you frustrated?
• Did you wait patiently until cars started moving? (Good for you for being among the 1% of patient individuals in the world!)
• All of us, at some point, have tried to take a route around stopped traffic. Whether it was the wisdom of a navigation app or your own intuition, most of us look for the fastest way to get somewhere.
Unfortunately, when it comes to leadership, going fast isn't usually going to yield results, especially when it comes to integrity.


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