LeaderCast: A Common Source of Failure in Leadership and How to Avoid It

Who do you call when you have a toothache?

A dentist, of course!

What about if your engine fails on your car?

A mechanic, right?

When the challenge before you has a readily available solution that comes in the form of an expert, you're likely facing a technical challenge. But, too often in leadership in the local church, we treat adaptive issues as if they are technical problems.

Need a primer on the difference between technical problems and adaptive issues? Download the Adaptive Leadership Cheat Sheet here!

We have misdiagnosed the problem.

In this episode, we have a conversation about leadership in the local church and what it sounds like to address adaptive challenges. We also explore what might happen if the same issue is dealt with as if it were a technical problem.

Listen to this episode of LeaderCast here.