Leader Cast Episode 179: Holy Moments - Part 2 of a Conversation with April Casperson about Community, Diversity, and Inclusion

Holy Moments.

You’ve experienced these moments.

Time stands still. You’re overcome with the presence of God. You might even question whether the moment is really happening. You’re standing on holy ground (ok, in this case, we were sitting, recording a podcast).

Holy moments can’t be crafted, predicted, or rehearsed. They simply unfold. And when they do, you experience a connection to a community that you haven’t experienced before.

In episode 179 we experienced one of these moments - and we hope you will too. Listen and consider what has changed about church and community in the last 30-47 years (yes, 47 years, not 45 or 50 -lol). Explore the shift from “come to church” to “get out of doors” and how one of us first experienced God beyond the church walls. Then, lean in to explore how listening, conversation, and removing barriers can transform lives.

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