Improve the Acoustics: Leverage the Means of Grace to Tune in to God's Call

You are created by God. You are loved by God. You are called by God.

Add to those three amazing truths the desire to be taken seriously and you’ll run into a mystery.

One of the mysteries of life is this:

When God calls, God speaks only loud enough for you to hear. The people around you usually don’t hear what you hear.

As a result, you are often trying to make sense of your call within a culture of conflicting voices and within organizations that don’t always recognize what is abundantly clear to you.

Let’s improve the acoustics.

In this episode, Tim and Sara exploring how means of grace – works of piety and works of mercy – can help you tune in to God. If you’ve found yourself wanting to discern God’s call on your life, join us for this episode.

We share stories about practicing listening to God and taking the risk to step out in faith. We also explore patience and peace amidst a call that is delayed but confirmed.

Finally, we share how these two spiritual practices helped hundreds of people explore God’s calling. These practices aren’t new – but you might need to revisit them to tune in to God’s call in this season of ministry.

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