Episode 074: Choosing Courage Over Comfort

While courage gets a lot of air time in many places, over the next three episodes Sara and Tim walk through how courage is a teachable skill. If you want to lead into the future, let’s lead with courage. Part of building the capacity to lead with courage comes from becoming a leader of integrity.

Integrity is all about integration. It’s about making something whole. So instead of separating the parts of your life like a piece of pie, we’re inviting you to lead and live with integrity.

Here are a few questions we’re asking ourselves and offer to you:
• Are you leading as a mission-driven, kingdom leader?
• Are you choosing courage over comfort?
• Or, do you find yourself backing down from the moments you’re invited to lead with courage?
• Yeah, we know what that’s like.
While we don’t have courage mastered, we do know that choosing courage over comfort is one of the important elements of living and leading with integrity.

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