Contemporary Worship Leader

Linworth UMC is seeking a Contemporary Service Bandleader is a part-time position for which hours may vary, but probably totaling 15 hours a week. The person filling the position is responsible for planning and leading Sunday morning worship music for the contemporary service and providing special musical support for other contemporary and non-traditional services as requested through the year (i.e. VBS, Christmas musical, etc.) 

 Education, Experience, and/or Qualification Requirements:

A Bachelor’s degree in music is desired but not required given an equivalent combination of relevant education and experience. Must demonstrate proficiency on guitar or keyboard in various musical styles. Must be able to collaborate with the AV Team on sound checks and the technical elements of the soundboard and equipment use.

The Contemporary Service Bandleader must be a committed Christian who strives to create community, to grow in Christ, and to serve the world consistent with Linworth’s mission statement.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

- Ensures the year-round provision of music for the contemporary service. Selects music to support the liturgy and schedules musicians and vocalists to participate in the music ministry.

- Creates lead sheets with lyrics and chord progressions for the band.

- Communicates information and provides music to performers and visual coordinator in preparation for services. This must include communication of song choices and lyrics for the slides with the visual coordinator.

- Recruits and develops musicians from within the congregation to serve in the contemporary band.

- Leads weekly rehearsals, including regular soundchecks and time for guiding the band members in spiritual development and congregational engagement.

- Develops repertoire of a variety of musical genres including familiar praise songs, traditional Methodist hymns performed in a new style, and secular songs and creatively uses music to enhance congregants' reception of the message.

- Develops annual budget for maintenance and purchase of equipment and instruments.

- Collaborates with other church staff and worship team members to prepare for worship. This will include a weekly meeting with pastors and creative planning members to discuss upcoming themes and coordinate the various elements of the service.

- Exhibits the ability to communicate well with the band members and the congregants, displaying authentic enthusiasm and passion for the music ministry.