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Social Media Policies

Awana Policies and Guidelines in Relation to Social Media

Awana encourages and allows the submission of comments via our various social media platforms.   

Awana has instituted the following comment policy for our social media platforms:

We encourage you to share your thoughts on any topic being discussed.  We will review and post comments according to the policy below.  We reserve the right to remove comments that are inconsistent with our policy, at our complete discretion.

The views expressed in comments reflect those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official views of Awana.

Comments that include the following are prohibited and will not be tolerated:

  •  Vulgar, profane, abusive, or bullying language; personal attacks of any kind; inappropriate religious, sexual, political, or racial references; unsupported accusations.
  • Endorsements of commercial products, services, organizations, or other entities.
  • Endorsements of political parties, candidates, or groups.
  • Content that infringes on copyrights.
  • Solicitation of funds.
  • Comments on any ongoing investigation of any sort.

In posting your comments or other work to websites owned or administered by Awana, you irrevocably grant Awana permission to copy, distribute, make derivatives, display or perform your work publicly and free of charge.

Please remember that your comments are public.  When commenting, please do not include information (e.g., social security number, address) in the text of your comment that personally identifies you in a way you do not intend.

We welcome your comments at any time.  However, given the need to responsibly manage our organization, reviewing comments will generally occur during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. We will make every effort to deal with comments that are not in line with the stated policy in a timely manner.

Records will be kept of all comments that are deleted for the above reason.

Awana reserves the right to block or delete offenders of this policy.

Privacy Questions:
Copyright/Trademark Permissions: