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For Kids, For the City

The difference Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship has made in the metro Dallas area can be seen and felt well beyond the walls of the church. By meeting the very practical and foundational needs of the community, Oak Cliff has made a lasting impact in Dallas as well as other urban areas. All the while, Dr. Tony Evans and the staff of the church have placed a premium on ensuring the next generation has a knowledge and love of God's Word.

"Awana has revolutionized our children's ministry. It has brought excitement, fun and spiritual growth not only to the kids who participate, but their families as well. I praise God for how Awana has impacted the African American community at OCBF." - Dr. Tony Evans

Dr. Evans has seen the Word of God make a lasting impact in the hearts and lives in kids throughout Oak Cliff. By utilizing the Awana program, the volunteer leaders at church have seen what happens when children are engaged in the Bible in the midst of a fun and exciting environment; their lives become changed and that change spreads to their families and friends!

In the greater Dallas area, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and Dr. Tony Evans have made a tremendous impact in the city and surrounding community. Their work has led to new school initiatives that provide care and intervention. Families have been changed due to the tireless efforts of this Bible-believing church. This impact would not be possible without a firm faith foundation, and as Dr. Evan has professed and seen in his own children and grandchildren, Awana is able to provide that Biblical base for all of life.

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Oak Cliff Bible Church uses the Awana Sparks program to disciple kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade children. It is a part of their integrated family discipleship solution. See how Sparks can help your church.


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