Heath UMC Dares to Care

A Touch of Love

By Kay Howman, secretary,

Heath United Methodist Church

In 2005 our church decided to develop the care group Dare-to-Care. This organization meets bi-weekly to provide a loving touch for members of the congregation with prayers. sending cards for birthdays, anniversaries or illness or provide visits to the hospital or home for the loving touch only friends can provide.

Let me explain how this ‘touch of love’ came to benefit  me.  In January this year (2014) I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I had a biopsy in December, a mastectomy in January and corrective surgery in February.   So, I was off work for six months recuperating.  I began 12 weeks of Chemotherapy in March.

The ‘Loving Touch’ began with my treatment at the Oncology Unit at the local hospital.

Our Dare-to-Care coordinator, Phyllis Shomaker, put together a list to provide transportation for me from my home to the hospital and from the hospital to my home each day of treatment.  Most of the time a different person provided the transportation each way.   What a truly wonderful gift of Love this was.  I still find it difficult to express my gratitude to them for the grace they gave to me.

I was able to return to work in August.  At the present time, I am still undergoing treatment with a maintenance drug once a month. This should be ending soon. Right now there are no further signs of the cancer.

If your church does not have a group such as Dare-to-Care in your congregation to provide a ‘touch of love’, it would be tremendously beneficial for you to organize one. It doesn’t  need to be a ‘formal’ professional organization. Just a few friends with good intentions to show love to one another would be enough to get a group started. I cannot express to you how much such a ‘touch’ does to boost a person’s spirit and encourage them to ‘go on’.  The cards received a couple times a year are a wonderful inspiration and a reminder that someone ‘cares’. The prayers , as always, can work wonders.  A Visit with a plate of cookies or a phone call can really ‘make your day’, give you something to smile about, and create a memory.

God Bless the volunteers within each church congregation.